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Producer Rep Noor Ahmed on The Elements of a Commercial Film

October 24, 2016

Today we’re talking to Noor Ahmed, a producer’s representative at at the entertainment law firm READER AND (FIGE) LLP. His firm has been counsel on such films as Twilight, Don Jon, Thank You for Smoking, and Korchula’s very own Can We Take a Joke.

In this episode, you’ll learn, first of all, what a producer rep is, what value they can add if you bring them in early on in the development process, and how much you should expect to pay them. Noor also gives us his read of the market, which genres are hot commodities right now and which ones are just oversaturating the indie market or simply don’t make much money. And we’ll also touch on the question that haunts indie filmmakers: Should I submit to festivals? How many, and when can I stop and just focus on getting my movie to a general audience.

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